• Biomass generator - Oil press machine,edible oil refinery

    Soybean oil extraction production line; Peanut oil extraction production line; boilers, and power plants. [1] The biomass gas power generation system is mainly composed of four main engines: gasifier, cooling filter device, gas engine, and generator. Its working process is as follows: first, biogas cooling filter is sent to the gas Learn More

  • The Biomass Complex in Palm Oil Industry

    soybean 25% 970,000 canola 15% sunflower 6% butter 5% lard 4% tallow grease 3% palm kernel 3% Fermentation Bioethanol Biopolymer Compost Thermochemical Gasification Syngas Palm oil mill effluent Boiler ash Fiberizing Pelletizing System System Biogas Composting System Animal FeedLearn More

  • industrial steam boiler for processing soybean products

    Steam is used in the fermentation and cooking of soy products. In soy product manufacturing enterprises, the steam sector mainly has production workshops (including raw material processing, batching, thermal processing, fermentation, sterilization, etc.). 1.4 MW oil gas hot water boiler capacity is 1.4 MW, working pressure is 1.0Mpa Learn More